Foligno, PG, Italy


Competition -

Square renovation in Foligno

Piazza Matteotti is set on two main levels determined by the slightly steep terrain. Nowadays the upper square, bordered by green areas and characterized by a stone paving, is organizaed with seating elements, for a use of space as a meeting place and a stop-place. We re-organize this upper square trying to get a better definition of spaces and uses.  In the same way, the lower one, which today presents itself as an open space frequently used as a public parking.

From the unveiling of the pre-existence on both fronts emerges the plot of the supporting septa that builds the spaces of the shelter.

The pre-existing shelter, now visible and practicable, becomes part of the square's edifice. The project proposes a second element of relationship between the two dimensions, this time visual: a glass façade closing the pre-existing building that will become the place where the city is reflected.