Bari, Italy



Competition 1st PRIZE -

New primary school 

Approaching to the project of the Polo Innovativo per l'Infanzia in Bari, the attention was posed to the formal and functional research of connections with the cultural background that the territory has. We wanted to research the characterizing level of the project through a study of the historical dimension, investigating and then selecting some typical building features of this region.
Our achive was to analyze the typological type of the place, devoid of temporal transpositions, which had within itself the key elements of the traditional Apulian construction system. The building proposes the ability to tell the city the memory of the identifying elements of the place and, at the same time, to build "introverted" spaces capable of welcoming the life and relationships of the community that lives around it. The outcome was a project able to dialogue and interact with the existing urban context and to create an innovative space for teaching.