Pordenone, Italy


Competition - 

New primary school "G. Lozer" in Pordenone

The new school G. Lozer is characterized by two buildings and the relationship to each other through volumes and proportions. This game also creates a dealings with the surrounding context, especially through the views. The facades, facing the most public part of the area, in fact, open towards the south and towards the city, which symbolizes the role of “scenario”.

The entrances gradually passes from a more public to a more private one, in fact there are in sequence the entrance to the gym, then the auditorium and, at the end of this path into the main entrance of the school.

As for the interior spaces, the school building is organized and built entirely around a central element - a large staircase - which, besides being a connecting element, also becomes the vital nucleus of the whole school, supporting interaction and social relations. Symbolically, this element also refers to a scenic space, in fact the scale itself can be conceived as a "spot" to observe the "show" that takes place all around it.