Atelier GM6 by Gandolfi e Mura Architetti Associati

 Over the years, from an idea of the office

Gandolfi e Mura Architetti Associatiwe create a research sector alongside the traditional architecture production. 


Through the acquisition of a laboratory adjacent to the office, the Atelier GM6 space is born. A place where, through the experimentation of architecture and design, we obtain a constant creative flow in order to achieve aspects of innovation always new and the involvement of modern and contemporary styles in fresh production.

Experimentation takes place by the reacquisition of methodologies that mark the starting point of the creative process of the Atelier GM6, such as the study in the model phase and the manual or graphic/creative design, exploiting them in architectural, urbanism, design fields of the product and visual art.


Alessandro Gandolfi                                         Founder

Francesca Gandolfi​                                           Founder

Elena Gandolfi                                                   Founder

Michele Gandolfi                                               Founder

Ombretta Mura                                                 Co-Creator

Giuseppe Gandolfi                                            Co-Creator


Paolo Pernumian                                               Collaborator (2018 - )

Andrea Mauri                                                     Collaborator (2019 - )

Sara Villani                                                          Collaborator (2019 - )

Alice Calini                                                          Collaborator (2019 - 2020)

Simona  Bertuccio                                            Collaborator (2019 - 2020 )

Lucrezia Picinali                                                 Collaborator (2019)

Giovanni Garrisi                                                 Collaborator (2019)

Giulia Mazzucchelli                                            Collaborator (2018 - 2019)

Nicola Clivati                                                      Collaborator (2018 - 2019)

Barbara Danesi                                                  Administration

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